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How to Become a Missionary to China

What is your vision?
How is your life impacting the field of China?
Will you consider becoming part of our team?

Pray, Give, Go!

If you are an American and want to “become a missionary to China” or just get involved in a greater way, then what are your next steps? It depends on what life-stage you are in. Below are our recommended steps from where you are now to greater involvement. It is our desire to help you make an impact in China.

Considering Missions?

If you are in high school, college, or just working in the USA, but you are considering full-time missions, then we recommend the following:

  1. Today, start becoming who you want to be in the future. Living in China as a full-time missionary might be a long time down the road, but you can start preparing now. Read your Bible daily, attend and serve in your local church.
  2. Start discipling others and reaching out to people (including the Chinese) in your area. There are likely people in your school/workplace that need to be reached or a Chinese restaurant in town that you can start giving the gospel to. This might mean reaching out to the Chinese foreign exchange students on your campus.
  3. Attend these two missions-minded events, the missions summer camp and the winter missions conference, that will help you learn our philosophy of missions and meet more missionaries to China and learn about China missions from them. For more information regarding getting involved in these events, contact us.
  4. Come to China on a short-term VisionTour to see the need for yourself. We believe the eye affects the heart. Allow your eyes to be opened the possibility of what God can do through you to help see China reached with the gospel.
  5. Consider enrolling in our training center. Visit on a Friday and attend their Friday missions and church-planting class to learn more about them and our philosophy of ministry. For more information about our training center, contact us.

Don’t Want To Teach English?

If you are currently teaching English in China, but you don’t want to and want to do something greater in China, then consider the following:

  1. Consider what your true purpose for being in China really is. If you are in China because of work and you are a Christian that wants to do outreach, contact us, and we will try to help you find a church or missionary to work with if we have one in your area. You need to be working with a church and not contrary to it. This might mean moving locations to serve in a healthy house church.
  2. If you are teaching English, but really want to be a full-time missionary and you don’t know how to plant a church or raise funds for full-time ministry, please contact us, and we will try to help you. This might mean a radical life change to get the right training at the our training center and funding through learning the principles of deputation.

Do Missionaries Need Training?

We believe that proper training is one of the key factors to having a successful ministry in China, and therefore, our goal is to get you to a place that can help you. For us, that place is our training center. You will learn the following:

  • How to train leaders of leaders.
  • How to do life-on-life discipleship.
  • How to be mentored and become a mentor.
  • How to plant an indigenous Baptist church.

We want to help you thrive in reaching China and the world with the gospel!

What If I Don’t Go As A Missionary?

You should become a Missionary-Sender! It is our prayer that the Lord of the harvest will raise up laborers and send them forth into His harvest. As our team of on-the-field-missionaries grows, we also realize that not everyone will be an on-the-field-missionary to China, but everyone could be a missionary-sender!

A missionary-sender is a Christian who is equally dedicated as the missionary and gets involved through sending or helping missionaries get to serve on the field (as they faithfully serve in their local church). Here are three areas where, you, as a sender, can be involved:

  1. Pray for missionaries and their families by name. Stay in communication with the missionaries through their blogs, prayer letters, and phone calls to know how to pray and to encourage them. Take an interest in their ministry and join the journey with them.
  2. Full-time missionaries are able to serve in a full-time capacity because of those who graciously give to the work of the Lord. Find a missionary or project to help fund and get involved with one-time gifts or monthly support.
  3. Take a short-term trip to China to visit the missionary or organize your local church to take a trip that not only will encourage the missionary but hopefully see more people mobilized to become missionaries and senders.

Note: Even if you are wanting to be an on-the-field-missionary one day in the future, you can get involved now by becoming a missionary-sender.