Chinese Christian Leadership Summit

We need your help! 

In 2024, we are hosting a “Chinese Christian Leadership Summit” in [an undisclosed location] for the national pastors, leaders, and missionaries working with us in mainland China and Taiwan.

Our goal is to bring these pastors and leaders outside of their country to a secure location so that they can:

  • connect with others in the Chinese language for spiritual, relational, and ministerial refreshment; offer a place of mutual encouragement and build each other up;
  • build trusting relationships to accomplish our task as a team;
  • and to provide continual Biblical exhortation and instruction in Christian life and ministry.

National leadership is essential for churches to survive and thrive on the field, and our goal is to invest in them continually.

Those serving in mainland China have the weight of ministry and the continual weight of doing ministry in a place where it is considered illegal, and persecution is part of their lives. We want this conference to give them a break from those weights to rest, be edified, and reenergized for the work.

Because these national leaders can travel to [an undisclosed location] without much hassle, and the setup and location offer an excellent opportunity for a conference like this, we will need to help these national pastors travel to the conference location. 

We are raising funds for this conference and to help these national pastors and their families to be able to travel and attend this 5-day conference without putting any financial burden on them. 

Would you be willing to help give a one-time love offering to minister to these national pastors and their families? 

If so, contact us!