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Missionaries to Taiwan

Taiwan, officially called the “Republic of China” or R.O.C., is an island of 23.4 million people in need of the gospel. But it also a strategic location to serve from while reaching into mainland China. There is religious freedom and even a missionary visa that is attainable to freely do ministry there. The national language is Mandarin Chinese, which is the same as the mainland (although they use traditional instead of simplified characters.)

Strategic Plan

The Taiwan Initiative is a two-fold plan:

  1. Key Cities: First, we want to see two church-planting missionaries in each of the key cities on this island also known as “Special municipalities”: New Taipei City, Taichung City, Kaohsiung City, Taipei City, Taoyuan City, and Tainan City.
  2. Mobilization: To serve as a launching pad for reaching into mainland China by missionaries traveling from the island into the mainland as well as training Taiwanese to go as missionaries to the mainland.

Our hope is that each of the missionaries serving in Taiwan will start a church-planting movement that trains national leaders to not only reach the city they are in but also the surrounding areas and beyond into mainland China.

22 Primary Administrative Divisions

22 Primary Administrative DivisionsChineseTypePopulationArea (km2)Population density (/km2)
New Taipei City新北市Special municipality4,014,5602052.571955.87
Taichung City臺中市Special municipality2,813,3972214.901270.22
Kaohsiung City高雄市Special municipality2,773,1272951.85939.45
Taipei City臺北市Special municipality2,646,204271.809735.86
Taoyuan City桃園市Special municipality2,245,0591220.951838.77
Tainan City臺南市Special municipality1,881,2042191.65858.35
Changhua County彰化縣County1,272,9391074.401184.79
Pingtung County屏東縣County819,7932775.60295.36
Yunlin County雲林縣County681,8341290.83528.21
Hsinchu County新竹縣County563,1041427.54394.46
Miaoli County苗栗縣County545,8521820.31299.87
Chiayi County嘉義縣County503,4851903.64264.49
Nantou County南投縣County494,5224106.44120.43
Yilan County宜蘭縣County454,2872143.63211.92
Hsinchu City新竹市City448,207104.154303.37
Keelung City基隆市City369,055132.762779.89
Hualien County花蓮縣County326,4654628.5770.53
Chiayi City嘉義市City267,77260.034460.96
Taitung County臺東縣County217,0743515.2561.75
Kinmen County金門縣County140,045151.66923.44
Penghu County澎湖縣County105,192126.86829.17
Lienchiang County連江縣County13,08928.80454.48

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Missionaries to Taiwan

Missionaries to Taiwan