Goforth China Tour

Visit and experience China

Explore China With Us!

Visit and experience China

Join missionaries with Vision For China to explore and evangelize in China together!


After nearly three years of prayer, the Lord has answered and re-opened China’s borders! China is once again accepting visa applications for all visa types – including tourists visas! This means that opportunities to visit China abound, and our Vision For China team wants to give YOU an opportunity to come to China and see the great gospel need here for yourself. Join Vision For China in summer 2025 for the Goforth China Tour! 

The Goforth China Tour is an unique opportunity to travel China through the eyes of missionary Jonathan Goforth. Experience the life, testimony, and legacy of the great evangelist as you visit major Chinese cities and discover both how the Lord worked mightily in China in years past and how He wants to use you – yes, you! – to continue that work in China today. Personally led by missionaries with the Vision For China team, the tour will encompass one-on-one evangelism opportunities, practical instruction on the state of Christianity in various regions in China, and unique cultural adventures that cannot be experienced anywhere else! Our previous Goforth China Tour included experiences ranging from a trek along the Great Wall to a glimpse across the Yalu River into North Korea!

What better way to learn Chinese culture, taste Chinese food, and get involved in Chinese ministry than to visit China and see it all first hand?! On this ten-day trip of a lifetime, experience everything from bullet trains and boba tea to urban cityscapes and underground churches. There are multitudes upon multitudes in China without a gospel witness. Jesus saw the multitudes in Matthew 9 and was moved with compassion and commanded his disciples to pray for laborers. It’s our prayer that you will see the multitudes in China and likewise be moved with compassion to pray for laborers and perhaps even devote your life to returning as one yourself!

See the need for yourself, allow the Spirit of God to use your eyes to stir your heart, and consider what part you have to play in what the Lord is doing in the world’s most populous nation!

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