Mine Eye Affecteth Mine Heart

China Missions Trip

We want to invite you to consider taking a short-term mission trip to China or Taiwan. We can help your church plan a trip or an individual can join a trip that is planned by the missionary.

Types Of VisionTours

Vision For China offers three different types of mission trips:

  • Combined Missions Trip: This is a short-term missions trip with different people combined from multiple local churches. Some people are interested in taking a VisionTour but there aren’t enough people to create a group just from their local church. Upcoming combined missions trip opportunity: Goforth China Tour.
  • Local Church Missions Trip: This is a short-term missions trip customized for a group from your local church. Is a group from your local church interested in making a short-term trip to China? Reach out to Vision For China to inquire about upcoming opportunities and start a conversation with one of our missionaries about planning a trip that’s the right fit for your local church group.
  • Pastors’ Missions Trip: This is a short-term missions trip customized for pastors. This allows pastors to see the work firsthand and have preaching and teaching opportunities in China or Taiwan. Are you a pastor of a local church and interested in a missions trip to China? Reach out to Vision For China to express interest and learn about next steps.

The Purpose Of Our VisionTours

Our “VisionTours” are different than you normal “missions trip” because we are limited in the scope of what a missions team can do in China. But that gives us the ability to re-vision what a trip like this could be like and we are sure that it will be a life-changing trip. Our goals is to accomplish the following three things:

  • To give you a VISION for China and the world. We try to communicate the need of the gospel in China through our blog and prayer letters but some things are hard to communicate in written form. We want you to feel, smell, taste and see China. We know that your eye will affect your heart and we want you to be affected. We want to open your eyes to the possibility of what God can do through you to help see China reached with the gospel.
  • To allow you to be involved in MINISTRY on the frontlines. Even though you don’t speak Chinese there is a small door of opportunity for you to use your English and help us reach out to students and families who are learning English. Teaching English classes or spending time practicing spoken English with a Chinese person can be seen as a good work in the community. And of course, all of these interactions are geared towards sharing the gospel with them.
  • To be an ENCOURAGEMENT to you and the missionaries on the field. Churches and missionaries who partner together can be mutually encouraging to one another. It is like a reverse furlough and allows for a time of refreshing fellowship and encouragement for both sides to keep on fighting the good fight.