“A Thousand Lives” Book Project

Our Motive

In 1885, Dr. Randal of the China Inland Mission was passing through Canada and gave a copy of China’s Spiritual Need and Claims, written by Hudson Taylor, to a certain young man by the name of Jonathan Goforth. Though Jonathan had previously surrendered to be a missionary to China, this book opened his eyes to the greatness of the need and the importance of a mission board. Won over to the cause of the China Inland Mission, Jonathan bought hundreds of copies of the book at his own personal expense and mailed them to pastors. This practice eventually developed into the practice of mailing out “packets” of books and pamphlets on China and the great need.

“We cannot doubt but this work was an important agency in forwarding and feeding the remarkable tide of interest in foreign missions of this period and also that it paved the way for the visit of Dr. Hudson Taylor to Canada in 1888.” – Rosalind Goforth, wife of missionary Jonathan Goforth

Jonathan Goforth was to become the first North American Missionary with the China Inland Mission and was used greatly of the Lord in China for decades, bringing countless hundreds to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Our Book

It is in this spirit and with this history in mind that the idea for our own book project was birthed. Like in the days of Taylor and Goforth, we too live in a day in which many are desirous to be used of the Lord in China and around the world, but few know how to get from where they are to where they’d like to be–being used greatly of the Lord on the mission field.

The Vision For China team is therefore writing a book entitled A Thousand Lives that is a passionate plea for a pipeline of unashamed believers boldly advancing the gospel in China.

Our Prayer

Hudson Taylor famously said, “If I had a thousand pounds China should have it. If I had a thousand lives, China should have them. No! Not China, but Christ. Can we do too much for Him? Can we do enough for such a precious Saviour?”

It is our prayer that this book, like China’s Spiritual Need and Claims will stir to action the hearts of a thousand lives surrendered to the Lord’s service and motivate them to join our cause to both raise up more laborers and become laborers themselves in the great harvest field of China and the many other harvest fields around the world.

Lord willing, an army of laborers will be released in our generation.

Please pray with us about this project.

Buy The Book In Different Formats

The book is available as a standard Paperback book, eBook or in audiobook format. The prices for each are as follows: Paperback $7.95; Bulk ordering for 10 or more is $5.00 each; eBook $3.95; Audiobook $14.95.

Now Available!

Quotes From The Book

“What if we were more concerned with making sure our candle was never put under a basket but put on a candlestick to give light to everyone around us? What if God wanted to use us in great and mighty ways in China—would we be willing, no matter the cost?”

— Mark

“Between China and Taiwan there is a mountainous need for laborers. There is hardly a place you can go in China where there is not spiritual deprivation and dire need of the gospel. Many places in the world have candles lit and burning brightly, but in China there are still many, many dark rooms yet to have even one candle to light the way.”

— John

“China has a population greater than continents, greater even than the entirety of the Western Hemisphere. As a matter of fact, there are more people alive in China right now, than there were people alive in the whole world at the time when George Washington crossed the Delaware in the Revolutionary War!”

— Benjamin

“You actually never did step out to search for His will. Rather, to search, you stepped in. Deeper within yourself. In using your mind to sift through your abilities and talents, your own interests and experiences, your very own failures and successes, you have actually done none other than search for your very own will. Not God’s.”

— Edward

“When it comes to doing missions in China, this is many times a reason why the amount of laborers is so small. It is not that God is not prompting and calling people into the harvest fields. Rather, people are just not stepping out in faith and relying on Jesus’ strength to do what He has commanded us to do.”

— Kanon

“God has enlisted us to be soldiers in the flight. However, many in our generation seem to be AWOL—absent without leave; they are MIA—missing in action. Many are not involved at all. But God has not given the church leave, and all are needed to continue in the fight.”

— Tyron

“But what good was it to teach Chinese children the rudiments of English if they would pass through my class without even gaining a rudimentary knowledge of the gospel? What good was it that they would be able to arrive in Hell with better English than their friends?”

— Austin

“Suppose you were raised in a village in China and had never once heard about the Creator God. Suppose you had never once heard about Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross. Suppose you were really Li, and this really was your story. Would you want someone to come to you? Would you want someone to tell you about Christ? Would you want someone to explain the gospel to you? Would you want someone who could show you the way to be saved and how to have eternal life?”

— Nathaniel